Zion Mennonite Church

Pastor of Christian Faith Formation Job Description

April, 2018


Job Description Title: Pastor of Christian Faith Formation

Purpose Statement: The Pastor of Christian Faith Formation will work with the lead pastor to guide the congregationŐs imagination, passion, and participation, in working with children and youth, promoting spiritual guidance and growth, and encouraging response to GodŐs calling in their lives.


Congregational Commitment: As we acknowledge that the health of our congregation and the development of faith formation depends on the gifts of all congregants in relationship with all members, we commit to partner with our Pastor of Christian Faith Formation to nurture the children and youth of our congregation, through a Ministry of Christian Faith formation thatÉ..


á      looks for and taps into the passions and gifts of members for intergenerational relationships, activities and community, creating opportunities for multi-generational interaction, and emphasizing relationship building between adults and youth of all ages

á      is safe and encouraging for youth learner questions, disagreements, discussion, exploration, inquiry, initiative and direction of topics and input

á      is characterized by a three-fold, interdependent matrix of faith-development practices and opportunities that balances: 1) study, devotion and reflection with 2) social and recreational activities with 3) application and exploration of the faith through service and witness opportunities in word and work





á              Support faith formation program areas for children from birth through post-high in coordination with Christian Education Commission, youth sponsors, Sunday School staff, and the congregation.

á              Recruit, encourage, and equip members of the congregation in these ministries.

á              Emphasize the application of the Christian gospel to issues of peace and justice in the contemporary world, planning appropriate strategies for witness and action.

á              Follow and administer ZionŐs abuse-prevention guidelines.

á              Lead the MYF Sunday School class part of the year. Work with adults in the congregation to share their unique gifts with the class during the remainder of the year.

á              Ensure that Sunday night activities for Jr. High and/or MYF occur.

á              Encourage and engage youth initiative and leadership in the planning and implementing of activities.

á              Meet regularly with families and congregation to communicate about vision, programming, and schedules.

á              Create opportunities for relationship building with other area youth. (Valley Mennonites, local congregations, and others not involved in church.)

á              Partner with the Sunday School Superintendent to train Sunday School teachers.

á              Build relationships with preschool to elementary age children.

á              Maintain relationships with post-high.

á              Support and equip families for faith development in the home and the world.

á              Encourage and support childrenŐs and youth participation and leadership in worship.

á              Preach several times a year.

á              Participate in staff and leadership meetings.

á              Attend Christian Education Commission and Pastoral Leadership Team meetings as a member.


Desired Gifts of the Candidate:


á              Passion for children and youth.

á              Finds joy in encouraging relationships between youth and adults

á              Awareness of child development, youth psychology, stages in faith formation, and the unique needs of the current generation.

á              Creative, open-minded, risk taker, playful and inventive.

á              Able to lead and engage children and youth in the Ňinformation age.Ó

á              Values the role of the arts in faith formation.

á              Christ-centered, able to lead by example and to model a life of faith.

á              Excellent leadership, organization, administration, and communication skills.

á              Energized by motivating and inspiring volunteers.

á              Team player and collaborator, good relationship building skills.

á              Cognizant of and able to facilitate cross-cultural interactions.




á              A Christian committed to Anabaptist/Mennonite perspective.

á              BachelorŐs Degree required; higher education, experience or focus in areas such as education, theology, psychology, human development preferred. Preference for membership in Mennonite Church U.S.A. or Canada.


Ministerial Credentials

The Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference oversees the process for credentials at the request of the congregation.



Work in collaboration with staff and volunteers, with the direction of the Lead Pastor.



Twenty (20) hours per week, including three hours on Sunday mornings and a weekly one- hour staff meeting.