Zion Youth Ministries

Zion Youth Ministries help young people start, develop and grow into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Youth Ministry Vision Statement

Jr. High:

For grades 6-8, Jr. High encourages active involvement in congregational activities, development of faith, and service to others. It offers fun events and meets at times chosen by the youth, their parents and leaders. 

Mentoring Program:

Provides a way for youth to be connected with an adult mentor. This adult person's role is to be a friend and spiritual guide to a specific middle school or high school student. 

MYF Youth Group:

For grades 9-12, MYF provides opportunities for service in the church and the community. It offers Sunday night fellowship, worship and devotions and participates in youth conferences and work camps.


Young Adults:

Young adults are important to the life of our congregation.  YA Sunday school classes, social gatherings and Bible studies are offered to strengthen spiritual growth and Christian fellowship.

Parents, please see the Youth Events Calendar.