…”THE UNHEARD VOICE,” THAT OF MIDDLE EASTERN CHRISTIANS. Rev. Awad, a native of Israel/Palestine, is a former Methodist missionary, Professor Emeritus and former President of Bethlehem Bible College in the West Bank. There he often partnered with Mennonite mission and service workers, and has shared and presented to delegates and attendees at MCUSA’s 2015 convention, and more recently to pastors and leaders of the Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference. Like most Middle Eastern Christians of various denominations (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Evangelical), Rev. Awad is sympathetic to Jewish and Muslim neighbors, friends and family members, and has worked for peace between them. From 9:30-10:30 AM, Rev. Awad will share and take questions during a combined Sunday School class on the Palestinian Christian perspective on Biblical interpretation, including what it says about militant Zionism. He will preach during our Palm Sunday Worship. Afterward, during our potluck following the worship service, Rev. Awad will share personal perspectives and stories about peacemaking in the midst of hostility and militancy. During Zion’s Second Sunday hour (5:30-6:30PM), there will be a more informal and conversational time with Alex Awad. He brings a fresh voice to an ancient conflict, one resonant with faithfulness to Jesus Christ and Christ’s compassion for all. For more information, see his website.