MYF Campout at Deschutes Canyon: July 2016

The MYF (Harrison and Emma Gingerich, Camryn and Jayce Roth, Tristan Oakes and Jared Oyer) had a great campout in the beautiful Deschutes wilderness, July 15-17 with Craig and Jana; We thought about how God is present with us. Where do we notice him? The kingdom of God is within you -You’re living like Jesus. Can you see it? MYFer’s did a walking prayer, reflecting on questions of why do you exist? where are you now? where do you want to go?

Floating the river, late night card games, whittling walking sticks and Jana’s chorizo breakfast burritos were highlights!

MYF Deschutes 2016 128

MYF Deschutes 2016 102

MYF Deschutes 2016 085

MYF Deschutes 2016 045