Preparation for Kansas City 2015: A Survey

Thank you for being willing to help your congregational delegates, Joe Parker and Mathew Swora, with their discernment, so that all might hear “what the Spirit is saying to the church” (Rev. 2:9). We solicit your most prayerful consideration and responses to the following questions most likely to be considered at the delegate convention.The resolutions mentioned in questions 4-8 can be found and read at:
A video and audio recording of the Sunday, June 14, presentation by Mathew and Joe was prepared for those who were unable to participate or wish to review the information.

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You may login here to complete the survey or review the Sunday, June 14, presentation.

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Here's the link to the Sunday, June 14 Adult Education Hour discussion video of the presentation and audio recording.

Click here to access the online survey.